Custom Manufacturing
Custom manufacturing
Release Time: 2019-01
Core Service:
Ø  Provide custom manufacturing and process development for API, pharmaceutical intermediate  and specialty chemical
Ø  Provide process innovation and improvement for both existing and new products.
Ø  Provide drug discovery services, especially the development and custom manufacturing for the intermediates of innovative API
Service Features
Ø  Screening of synthetic routes, continuous process optimization, process scale-up verification
Ø  Excellent customer service, provide English weekly report, organize regular telephone conference with customers
Ø  Perfect intellectual property management system

Key technology:
Continuous Reaction
Grignard Reaction
High-vacuum Rectification
Super-critical Reaction
Nitration Reaction
Phosgenation Reaction
Diazo Reaction 
Case Study I:  Complex synthesis of a phosphazenium salt catalyst

Ø  Readily soluble in organic solvents, free of any metal component.
Ø  High recovery rate, challenging chemistry, difficult in structure identification (no reference).
Ø  A robust process was developed and the catalyst was upscaled to metric tons.

Case Study II: Reliable supply